Thursday, December 10, 2009

Training at OTC

Jared is training hard at OTC. Finally got snow today and he and his Team mates are having fun sledding in the snow. They are getting to do a lot of night sliding. Have uploaded a new video of this with some of his other Team mates.  Jared is the last slider on the video. (4.23min).  You can also see it on YouTube under  Devo Luge 2009-2010. It a great way to see what they do.  Jared will be home in 2 wks. We go to his cousin wedding the next day. He is looking forward to seeing his extended family. Then Xmas and family. Back to OTC and more training. He has 3 to 5 races this year. We will be there to see him on the 1 st set of races. Burrr. Feb and March...His nephew will see his first snow then and Jared can not wait to take him sledding.

Thanks for everyone who helps him with his Gold Dream.

 Happy Holidays and Wonderful New Year.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Vist To Lake Placid

Got to vist Jared and the team at the end of Oct. Was great to see him and meet the others. Scary to watch them slid on that track. These kids are up early and then off to breakfast,starthouse,gym,track,lunch,school,dinner,study hall,bed. Then do it all over again. Lake Plaid is so beautiful. The fall colors and mountains where wonderful. We went to Whiteface one day and then over to the mall in Plattsburgh NY for some shopping. Going back in Feb for his National races. BURRRR it will be cold. We are all going then.
Jared will be home in 2wks for Thanksgiving break.
More pic's later
Thanks everyone for all your support.

Training at the Olympic Sports Center

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mountain Day

Jared went hiking today on 'Nippletop Mountain". No I am not making up the name, it is real. He gets to back on Thursday with the school & the other students. They call it Mountain Day.
We were on the Web cam with Jared yesterday. It was so good to see his smile.Braxton (his nephew) was so excited to see his uncle. He kept hugging the laptop and trying to kiss it. He talked to him for a hour. Jared wants me to bring him with me in Oct.
Saw his room,does it need to be cleaned! Glad I can not smell it. Those boys are messy.
Will hope it's better by the time I get there.



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