Monday, July 27, 2009

Gone again

Hi it me Kym
Jared is off again to OTC. He has been home for almost 2wks. He hung out with his buddies.
Also went to his first wedding that he can really remember. (His other mother) Kelly was married this weekend to Rudy. This is his BFE(best friend ever) mom. Daniel and Jared looked so great.
They are still just teenage boys running around in Texas,, Kelly had to find them in a corn field playing soliders..Do not ask me Why..or What...They play rough...
He said Kelly looked so pretty. His smile made up for all the problems Daniel and he put Kelly & Rudy though when he said it.. For me anyway..Kelly may have a different view.
We were up at 3.30am to get him to the airport by4.30 to catch his flight..
This make for a long day for Jared. Since he was up talking to some of his team mates until after 12.00 that I know off, I went to bed.
I could not get a pass to walk him to the gate, due to the line.
It is hard to watch him leave, since he is still my little boy.
But watching him in line to get pass security, I was struck how I could see him because he is as tall or taller them most in line. It is hard to believe that he is only 14yrs old.(I wonder will he be as tall as my father??) 6'6, He has his feet..he is a size 13.
I can not even begin to image where his dreams will take him. Or will he will take us (family, and believe me,there a bunch of us.) as we watch him grow.

Slide Cowboy Slide..Own that Ride.





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